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Pozzetta Products, Inc.
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Englewood, Colorado   80110
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About Pozzetta:

Pozzetta, Inc., was founded in 1994 to meet the growing need to safely store and transport critical devices around the world. Together with the submicron cleaning capability of Pozzetta Micro Clean, the company forms one of the world's premier critical packaging providers. Utilizing operations within one of the industry's most dedicated manufacturing facilities, Pozzetta offers a comprehensive range of critical device handling solutions, and research and development capabilities to meet the increasingly sophisticated product-and-service requirements of the global semiconductor and electronics industry.

Pozzetta Specialties:

Reducing particles during the transportation and handling of critical devices such as semiconductor wafers and photomasks. Protecting critical device patterns from ESD damage, and preventing haze growth by engineering carriers with the lowest possible levels of haze generating components.

3121 S Platte River Drive - Englewood, Colorado   80110
Contact: sales@pozzetta.com

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