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The ABS three monomer system yields a good balance of properties. Styrene contributes ease of processing characteristics, acrylonitrile imparts chemical resistance and increased surface hardness, and the butadiene contributes impact strength and overall toughness. ABS is a hard, tough and rigid material that is part of the styrenic family.

When a dissipative thermoplastic polymer is blended with ABS an Inherently Dissapitive Polymer (IDP) is created which forms a molecular-scale, interpenetrating polymer network which carries charge.  The resulting IDP provides a dissipation path throughout the photomask compact.  Pozzetta offers photomask compacts in ABS IDPís to customers who need excellent ESD properties that include low tribocharge results and good surface Resistivity.

3121 S Platte River Drive - Englewood, Colorado   80110
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