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  Pozzetta Products, the leading provider of photomask compacts, is pleased to offer a new transparent, anti-static, low offgassing material option. This transparent Anti-Static Olefin Co-Polymer provides very low offgassing of organic hydrocarbons, low levels of critical ionics, and excellent anti-static properties. Until now an inverse relationship existed between outgassing performance and anti-static protection in Transparent Inherently Dissipative Polymers (IDP's). This new Anti-Static Olefin Co-Polymer changes this relationship by providing rapid static decay rates while at the same time outgassing very low levels of organics and ionics.

This new material will be available in the PZT600-AU, the PLS600-AU and the P1-600-71125AU. Please contact Pozzetta Products for more information, sales@pozzetta.com.

3121 S Platte River Drive - Englewood, Colorado   80110
Contact: sales@pozzetta.com

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