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The PL series packages create secure environments for photomasks and reticles with pellicles. The PH700 package secures both 7" square and 7.25" round masks. All packages securely position and protect masks with minimal contact.  Available in multiple materials. Clean room manufactured and packaged. 
Choose one of these links for PL Series product specifications:

PH700 7x7 Photomask Package


PL600 6x6 Photomask Package

PL900 9x9 Photomask Package

  PL500 5x5 Photomask Package

PL655 5x5 Photomask Package

  PL535 3x5 Photomask Package

PL Series Features:

Available in four material types:

Positive Locking Latch
Life Hinge
High Impact Strength
Easy Open & Close
Compact & Stackable
Minimal Contact
Securely Positions & Protects One Photomask
Clean Room Manufactured & Packaged in the U.S.A.

AS1000 Clear Anti-Static ABS
AS1000 Amber Anti-Static ABS
ESD300 Black Static Dissipative Carbon Filled Polycarbonate

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