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Material Properties

This inherently dissipative polymer is known for its dissipation from static and protection from ESD discharge. E80 has a very low concentration of organic and inorganic components so it is a good material choice when outgassing is a concern. Pozzetta offers photomask compacts made from E80 inherently dissipative polymer to customers who place a high value on protection from ESD and outgassing.

Features and Benefits

  • Accommodates 6025 mask
  • Pozzetta E80 material has very low levels of SO4 and NH4 .06 ng/cm2 each - IDEMA # M10-98 & M13-99
  • Easy to clean due to less internal components
  • Angled standoffs securely hold each photomask without touching the mask surface leaving no marks or abrasions
  • Single material design. By using only one material in each box we reduce outgassing variables
  • Low tribocharge material and good static decay rates
  • Precision cleaning by Pozzetta Micro Clean delivers you a cleaner part



ESD Analysis

Surface Resistivity:

Reference to ASTM D257

Static Decay:

Reference to FTMS 101C

Volume Resistivity:

Reference to EOS/ESD 11.12

Tribo Charging:

Rubbing Method using Volt Meter



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