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The PZT600-81125 will hold your photomask safely and securely. Pins made of HDPE pinch the mask surface and prevent the photomask from moving inside the compact. This traditional method of securing the photomask has a long track record of proven success.

PZT600-81125 with HDPE pins

The PZT600-81125ES with Edge Support will hold your photomask safely and securely on its edge, eliminating pin marks and abrasions caused by the touching the reticle surface. The PZT600-81125ES utilizes Amber Edge Support Pins that are made out of Amber Bayon YM460. YM460 is the same high quality material the PZT600 case is made out of. The Amber color will assist with mask placement, creating a visual target for operators.
PZT600-81125ES with Amber Bayon YM460 edge support pins
The PZT600-81125AU with Built-In Edge Support  protects photomasks from particle adders, delivering a cleaner photomask. The Pozzetta AU Standoff prevents particle generation during shipping and handling. Our AU Standoff design securely holds the photomask on its outer edges. No contact is made with the surface of the photomask. This prevents particle adders and protects photomask designs. Additionally, the AU design prevents mask-handling mistakes that may result in punctured or damaged pellicles. This not only protects photomasks but also saves you money.

PZT600-81125AU with built-in edge support

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