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Pozzetta offers not just one, but two RFID solutions to meet your needs:

Solution 1: Traceability and data delivery
Solution 2: Locate photomasks in WiFi environments

Use the following feature comparison for more information:


Feature Solution 1 Solution 2
Easy Tag Mounting. RFID latch design is available for the  PZT and P2 series compacts as well as other wafer & reticle carriers and pods.
Designed for semiconductor industry
No battery means uninterrupted performance.  
Simple, user-friendly software, no
programming required.
Delivers product specific traceability and integrated access to an unlimited amount of product data.  
Provides true real-time location and presence detection.  
Utilizes standard wireless networks.  
Up to 4 years of battery life. Tag reports battery level.  
Scalable for servers with different processing capabilities.  
Easy integration with existing and custom location-based applications.  
100 bytes of message data.  
Program on the fly or in batches up to 50 tags.  

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3121 S Platte River Drive - Englewood, Colorado   80110
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