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The Pozzetta Wi-Fi RFID system delivers the architecture of the AeroScout T2 Tag, the most advanced Wi-Fi based Active RFID tag on the market. With an enclosure specifically designed for the photomask and semiconductor industries Pozzetta enables you to locate and identify your valuable photomasks throughout your facility. By utilizing standard wireless networks, costs are kept low and you can gain more from your existing WLAN. The T2 tag can be programmed via a wireless interface. Tag management software allow for easy and efficient tag configuration and location.







Easy Tag Mounting Wi-Fi RFID enclosure design is available for the PZT and P2 series compacts.

Provides true real-time location and presence detection.

Utilizes standard wireless networks.

Up to 4 years of battery life. The tag reports on the battery level.

The T2 Tag can store up to 10 messages of 10 bytes each. Programming on the fly is available.

Wireless batch programming is available for up to 50 tags.


For a product traceability and data delivery  RFID Solution, Click here.

Pozzetta will protect your valuable products from particles, ESD damage, outgassed components, and high costs. Companies around the world trust Pozzetta to create secure environments for photomasks, reticles, and wafers.

3121 S Platte River Drive - Englewood, Colorado   80110
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