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  • Pod cover
  • Reticle Retainer
  • Robotic Handling Flange
  • Pod Door
  • SEMI Std.]Compliant E111
  • Pod door available with or without N2 Valve
  • Pod door available with adsorbent filter

Features and Benefits

  • For 6025 reticle
  • Metal free attachment eliminates reticle scratching
  • Robotic handling flange with 7 holes for easier manual handling
  • Reticle Retainer system provides ESD path to ground and enhanced strength
  • Low outgassing polycarbonate reduces the number of outgassing variables.
  • Clear PC window provides visibility to inspect reticle location and barcode
  • Pozzetta Positive Response confirms your order, your shipment, and our quality.


3121 S Platte River Drive - Englewood, Colorado   80110
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