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  • Standard Mechanical Interface Compatible
  • Door Base and Seal
  • Pod Shell made from low outgassing E80 resin
  • Superior ESD Performance
  • Plastic PEEK Screws
  • High performance PTFE filter;
    0.3DOP% removal rating
  • RFID holder for optional RFID tag
  • UV Control shell available
  • 10mm space above reticle surface available

Features and Benefits

  • Accommodates 6025 mask
  • Haze Control: E80 resin has the lowest levels of SO4 and NH4 of any Inherently Dissipative Polymer.
  • Door open/close rod mechanism is made of plastic with high sliding performance which reduces particle generation.
  • Plastic PEEK screws used for easy disassembly/exchange of parts and easier maintenance of sliding part.
  • Proprietary design of reticle support and retainer make contact with only the reticle edge.
  • Metal free attachment eliminates reticle scratching.
  • Clear shell window provides visibility to inspect reticle location and barcode.


3121 S Platte River Drive - Englewood, Colorado   80110
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